Every website has an objective. Whether it’s purchases, enquiries or phone calls, our web development methodology is centered on achieving your objectives.
Our developers use valid HTML5 and CSS3 that is then integrated into the globally-recognized Content-Management-System, Word Press. Every website and ecommerce solution is designed to be viewed properly across every device and every browser, ensuring that your customers are getting the best of your business, wherever they are.
Whether you’re a tech-geek or totally clueless, our web development process ensures that you’re kept in the loop every step of the way. Once you’re 100% happy with your website design, our web developers start building your website in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validated code. Once live, our technical support team are available 24/7 to help you with any issues.

Website Development is an integral part of a powerful and effective marketing strategy; however, no matter how simple it may sound, it can be more challenging than imagined. In the dawn of a new era where the world moves fast forward in extremely rapid paces, being a web master requires much more than just build a website and apply SEO principles to give it a boost.. Something so engaging, as a website development process, could turn into a major turn down if not delivered by experts with strong insight. In the hands of a true professional a conventional-looking website can become a lively cash machine that will help leverage your sales. However, being involved in a confusing and complicated process has nothing to do with success.

With a distinctive passion for website development, SGW is the company where every team of web designers and developers is a renaissance artist masterly transforming a simple website to a multi-purpose platform in a super user-friendly environment. To us, nothing is better than a simple and strictly tailored website development strategy that lacks nothing from the ones used by the colossus in online competition.